Best Hot Spring in Utah! – Fifth Water

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My hidden slice of Paradice!

Throughout the four years I’ve been on the U.S Snowboard Team, I have made a ritual of visiting this beautiful place at least once a year while in Utah.  It couldn’t be a better way to recover after a hard week of training.  Lucky for me, the only chance I get to visit is undoubtedly the prettiest time of the year to hot spring… fall!

Not only are the leaves flaunting a colorful array of yellows, oranges, and reds.  The hot mineral water that flows through the valley radiates this gorgeous blue hue like you’ve never seen before.  It really is a magical sight!  

Fall in full effect in the Fifth Water Valley

For many, the main destination is where the manmade pools sit by the flowing stream high in the narrow valley.  Being the only pools deep enough to stand in, and perched along the radiant geothermal creek, it's easy to see why.

The man-made pools built along the flowing thermals

But for me, these pools aren’t what makes this place so special.  It’s the more natural springs hidden around that have me coming back year after year.

Beautiful lower pool off the main trail

Now I’m not sure, but each time I visit I find no one in these natural pools.  I don’t get it.  I understand they’re shallow, the ground and rock walls are coated with mud and algae, and the temperature is nowhere near as toasty as the manmade pools… but this is as natural as it gets people.  Where else do you get to lie down in a heated mineral stream, rest your head on a rock and bask in natures oasis.  It’s pretty surreal!  And personally, I find the temperatures to be more comfortable for a long soak.

But hey… their loss.  That just leaves more soak room for me!!

If you're ever around the area, I highly recommend a visit.  Its an easy 2.5 mile walk on a flat trail.  Here's the link if you're interested

Happy Trails


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