Born and raised in Anchorage Alaska, Ryan started snowboarding while he was in kindergarten. At the age of 13, he won his first National event, beginning his pursuit of becoming a Professional Snowboarder.

In 2014, that pursuit became a reality with a breakthrough year. Ryan earned his first major win at the U.S. Grand Prix. Two days later, he backed it up by placing third in another major event. Just weeks after, Stassel secured his spot on the first ever U.S. Olympic Slopestyle Snowboarding Team. (Sochi, Russia)

In 2015, Ryan claimed the title of Slopestyle Snowboarding World Champion. Unfortunately his season came to a halt a few weeks later, due to an injury. Even with his absence from the remaining 2014/15 circuit, Stassel was back on the podium in 2016 and placed in the top ten of many Slopestyle and Big Air events.

During his summers, Ryan grew up working in and operating a family commercial "set-net" fishing site, in Cook Inlet, Alaska. When he's not catching fish, Ryan trains with the U.S Snowboard Team in preparation for the upcoming season. In addition to his training, Ryan stays active by hiking, mountaineering and exploring the great outdoors around him. He is also a self taught photographer and is passionate about taking photos of his travels & adventures!

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