Start of the Winter Season

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Training at the U.S Ski & Snowboarding Facility

Since the beginning of August, I’ve put in countless hours each week training at the U.S Facility, preparing for the upcoming competitive season. I call it my 9 to 5 job 😉

On the weekends as part of my regiment for strength and endurance conditioning, I like to mix it up by getting out of the gym and going hiking. If you couldn't already tell from my previous posts, I really enjoy hiking and taking photos.

There’s just something about putting in hours of grueling work to witness a beautiful sight. Like watching a sunset from a mountain top or trudging deep into the wilderness to camp by a secluded lake. It has a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. So whenever I have the chance to combine my training with outdoor adventures, I never turn it down.

A four-day backpacking trip into Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

After Travering Devils Castel Ridge, Utah

But even though I love hiking and camping, there’s nothing more I’d rather do than go snowboarding. And I’m not saying that because I do it for a living, I say this because there’s honestly nothing quite like it.  

A snowboard in a way is no different than a painter’s brush. But instead of a blank canvas, there’s a mountain with endless possibilities. Where you go and what you do is only determined by your skill and creativity. It’s complete freedom.  So when it’s time to put away the hiking equipment and swap it out for the winter gear, I don’t hesitate.  It means its time to change gears and get back on snow!

I'm telling you, It's pure freedom

Now you're probably wondering where you would go snowboarding this time of year?  Well, for this trip I’m headed to the high Alps of Austria!

Glacial Training

Throughout Austria and most of Europe, many of the ski resorts are built high up in the glaciers, resulting in year-round snow. Because of this, it makes Europe an ideal place for winter athletes to get an early start to their season. During the fall, the temperatures and snow conditions couldn't be better.

But in order to train and have myself back up to speed before the start of the competitive season...not just any mountain with quality snow will do. To practice, I need a resort that provides a slope with world-class jumps and features. Being this early in the season, that’s asking a lot. The amount of time and money it takes to build something like this is huge.  However in Austria, there is a place!

Without further ado...  I introduce you to Stubia Glaciers very own Stubai Zoo Park!

Stubai Glacier Training Park, Austria
Now that's what we're looking for!

Looking forward to some of this!

I have to tell ya, it would be hard to find a place to train more beautiful than here. The surrounding scenery is just absolutely breathtaking. And I mean that visually and literally, as where these jumps are located lies just below 3,210m or 10,530 feet.

I promise though... the lack of oxygen is totally worth the views!

Looking out onto Italy from Austria!

There’s still a few more days until I leave, but I'm very eager and excited to finally get my season underway. I’ve now spent months in the gym, ordering gear, prepping boards, communicating with sponsors and planning my season schedule in preparation for this year. The anticipation has built like a balloon soon to pop and I’m ready to go!

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