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Well, I have finally done it!
I’ve taken my first step into the World of Blogdom!

It’s actually surprising that I find myself in this position today; I honestly would have never pictured myself sitting here writing a blog.  Reason is, growing up I struggled with reading and writing… and that’s an understatement!

What would take kids in class five to ten minutes to finish, would take me the entire class period if not longer.  Even with the additional help of my parents, teachers and after school programs, I still was having trouble keeping up in school.  I was a 5th grade student with a reading & writing comprehension level of a kindergarten.  After what seemed like all options have failed, my parents had me tested and found out I was Dyslexic.

Thanks to the love and support of my famliy, I was able to over come this learning curve and finish out public school while being independent with my studies.  But even so, after all those years of private school and special classes.  Writing has never been my strong suit.  And because of this, I've shied away from it.

So for me to even commit in writing a blog and make it this far is huge!  I’ll be honest, I’ve probably spend far to many hours rewriting this but I feel more committed to this blog now than when I started.   

So why am I writing a blog?

Well, for a two reasons... The first being for my future self!
Since the age of 13,  I’ve been able to travel all over the world to snowboard and aside from some photos, souvenirs and medals… I have nothing to look back and remember it by.  So I plan to change that!

I want this blog to be a digital record of my travels and adventures so later down the road when my back hurts and my knees are sore.  I have something to remember why. 

The second reason is for my three F's.  "Family, friends and fans."  
I understand the life of a professional snowboarder isn't a common one.   Being on the the U.S Team and traveling the World Cup circuit, I go too many places and do things no one else will ever get to experience.  Like competing on a 140ft ramp in the Boston Red Sox Stadium or how it felt standing at the top of the 2014 Olympic venue knowing the whole world was watching.  Its experiences like these I want this blog to inform and show what it's like to travel and compete as a top level, winter sport athlete.  

So whether it’s a mountain town lost in the Alps, a hiking trip in Alaska or or me showing behind the seen action of a world class snowboarder.  My goal for this blog is to write, inform, and show my adventures wherever I go. 

With that, I hope you will enjoy –  My Athlete Adventures!

A four day backpacking trip into Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

Adventuring through the depths of Alaska

High up in the Austrian Alps!

Big Air! Snowboard World Cup in Istanbul, Turkey

Harvesting sockeye salmon from the seas of Alaska

Shin deep in salmon

The Chinook, a prized catch for any fisherman.


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