As Prime as it Gets

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The last two weeks that I’ve been in Austria, the weather has been nothing but picture perfect!  It seems like no matter what the weather report predicted, it would still be sunny and clear.  Honestly, if it wasn't for how crowded the resort has been, I’d probably say it’s been one of the best training trips yet.

Around this time each year, Austria and the neighboring countries tend to have a lot of holidays... seems like one every week! I think the U.S should take some notes.

What doesn't help is the main lift to the training area is a slow-going, two person T-bar. The lift line can back up hundreds of feet, taking more than half an hour to get through. Fortunately, while attending the Prime Session Camp, I’m allowed to use an alternative line restricted to athletes only. Even in this line though, the wait time can add up. It may sound selfish to say, but without the Prime Line I probably would never come back here.

So what is the Prim Session?

The Prime Session is a high intensity training camp that has built quite the reputation for itself over the years. With some of the biggest and best jumps in the world, it has become a staple for every snowboard team. The camp is strategically held directly before the start of the contest season, so you’re sure to find all the top athletes here perfecting new tricks.  

Other than being the perfect training grounds to start the year, what encourages athletes like myself to come here and train is the atmosphere itself. Athletes are freshly rejuvenated from the summer with no added stress yet from contests or overlooking sponsors. The energy levels are set high and with one goal in sight… progression!

There’s honestly no predicting what you’ll see here. Once one big trick it laid down, it’s like a wave of adrenaline rushes over everyone, making them feel invincible. In one moment, the level of riding could go from 0 to 100, just from the vibes going around.  It’s powerful stuff. Even if you’re tired, all it takes is one person to get the crowd cheering and the next thing you know, your batteries are recharged! 

Sending it to the Moon!
"This isn't flying, this is falling with style!" - Buzz Lightyear
This is one of my favorite photos of the trip so far!

Unfortunately, with the continuous high energy and constant push to throw down, I busted up my knee and bruised the crap out of my ankle. High repetition and continuous impact will do that to ya.

Ice, Elevate, Repeat
 Here you can see the difference between my left and right ankle

Don’t worry, I”ll be fine. Nothing a few days of elevation and ice can’t heal. Luckily, it happened on the last day before the bad weather came in! Looks like I'm guaranteed a few days of downtime to recuperate!  

In the meantime, here's a few clips for you to check out! Let me know what you think about the background music, it’s a little jam I recorded myself 🙂


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