A Season Ender (1/20/2017) - Well, this was definitely not the post I wanted to write today. As I sit here with my foot elevated wrapped in a cast, all I can think of is how mad I am at myself right now. Geez Ryan… … Read More
Training at the Olympic Park (1/7/2017) - Every year as the holidays come to an end, each competitive snowboarder is faced with a similar challenge: deciding where the best place to get back on snow would be. With snow conditions constantly changing, hard to perdict mountain weather and … Read More
Snowboard Big Air (12/20/2016) - All right everybody! Do I have some exciting news for you!  As of this last year, the Olympic Committee announced the addition of a new snowboard event into the Winter Olympics!   And its called Bir Air… dun dun dun! … Read More
My 2016 Season Video (12/9/2016) -   Hey everyone!  I just put together a video of of some of the best clips I gathered through out the 2015/16 season. Give it a watch and Let me know what you think!!!    
As Prime as it Gets (11/14/2016) - The last two weeks that I’ve been in Austria, the weather has been nothing but picture perfect!  It seems like no matter what the weather report predicted, it would still be sunny and clear.  Honestly, if it wasn't for how crowded … Read More
Start of the Winter Season (10/23/2016) - Training at the U.S Ski & Snowboarding Facility Since the beginning of August, I’ve put in countless hours each week training at the U.S Facility, preparing for the upcoming competitive season. I call it my 9 to 5 job 😉 On … Read More
Working for it – Kessler Peak (10/12/2016) - If you’re like me and are always looking to fill your weekend with some kind of adventure, you probably know what it’s like to sit down with your computer the night before and look up every possible hike around.  And … Read More
Best Hot Spring in Utah! – Fifth Water (10/5/2016) - My hidden slice of Paradice! Throughout the four years I’ve been on the U.S Snowboard Team, I have made a ritual of visiting this beautiful place at least once a year while in Utah.  It couldn’t be a better way … Read More
My First Milky Way!!! (9/28/2016) - Ever since I bought my camera, I've been waiting for the chance to capture the Milky Way!  I think its safe to say anyone with a nice camera probably wants too. My only problem was I never seemed to be … Read More